The loss of one, several or all teeth can be solved in both function and aesthetics with dental implant​s​. They are the ultimate solution for you to chew, improve the oral health and appearance and make you return to smile naturally.


Single Implants

Placing an implant and a crown will make you forget the los​s​ o​f ​the tooth without damaging adjacent teeth as in the case of tooth bridges.

Immediate implants

Implant placement at the same time of extraction saves a second surgery, preserves the bone and shortens the time to have the final prosthesis. They are particularly suitable in the anterior teeth while performing an extraction of an incisor and placing the implant and prosthesis the same day. 
Rehabilitation of multiple teeth

If you have lost several teeth, implant rehabilitation is an excellent option as it also prevents damage to adjacent teeth as in the case of bridges.

Full arch Rehabilitations

Loss of all teeth in one or both jaws gradually results in a reduced bone that can determine the rehabilitation and has an effect on facial aesthetics. It can be done from a fixed prosthesis on implants that gets the best function and aesthetics to a removable overdenture supported by implants that will allow a greater retention and comfort than a complete denture.


 Zygomatic implants

When you have lost all maxillary teeth and there is not enough bone it can be rehabilitated by placing zygomatic implants avoiding the need of bone grafts. It allows making an immediate or deferred fixed prosthesis depending on the case.

Dental Implant




Dental Implant vs Pontic






Full denture fixed



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